The Listing Process – What we jointly need to do to sell your property

  • Appraise the home.
  • Research the local market and arrive at a price position that will attract buyers and lead to a sale within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Part of our consulting expertise is recommending remedial action to bring the property up to the standard required. Sometimes, a minor investment in repairs, maintenance and cosmetic work in the garden can make a significant difference to the ultimate selling price.
  • Provide a list of reliable local trades people who can accomplish the necessary work at reasonable prices.
  • Suggest an initial marketing plan – and agree marketing steps that need to be taken.

Things you need to know about selling your property

Let’s Get The Price Right

It is crucial that the asking price is well researched. It should be set as closely as possible to the final estimated sale price. Consideration needs to be given to the following factors:

  • Recent Sales in the area
  • Properties currently for sale
  • State of the property market
  • Replacement cost
  • Land cost in the area

These factors combine with observation of location, size, quality, presentation and property features to arrive at an accurate, well balanced viewpoint.

Overpricing will ‘kill a sale’ as most buyers are afraid to make an offer which is too far from the asking price. They will look for more competitively priced properties. Buyers respond to perceived Market Value -.not asking prices.

What happens when your property is sold?

Our work does not stop there. We will continue to work for you right through to settlement. Once an offer has been accepted, we will liaise with any other parties that may need access to your property.

For example:

  • Bank valuers
  • Building inspectors
  • Pest control inspectors
  • Final inspections
  • Settlement agents
  • Finance Brokers etc

Quite simply, we will do everything necessary to make sure your sale goes through as smoothly as possible. We will also ensure that you are kept fully informed throughout the whole selling process.

Marketing Strategies

The Silent Sale (highly achievable in a seller’s market). It is possible to achieve a silent, no nonsense sale by using my database of qualified buyers. Many people appreciate being made aware of a new property before it comes on the market. In many ways, these may be the best buyers of all.

Price by Negotiation

For example, we may list a property with a lower and an upper price. It’s a price strategy. Buyers don’t really know exactly what they will spend on a home and it comes down to skilled negotiation and experience to achieve the highest possible price.


These are hard to get; 6 to 8 weeks notice may be required because of demand. They are free but the journalist decides whether they want to write and publish them. Exceptionally well presented or interesting properties stand the best chance of being selected for an editorial.


These are necessary to inform buyers of features, descriptions, dimensions, restrictions, rates and taxes. A floor plan is also useful, and may indicate who is really serious. Plans may be obtained from the local council, at a reasonable cost.


These are often used to target specific locations, specific types of buyers and to promote the sale of your property.


The value of signs cannot be overstated. Enquiries sparked from potential buyers who have seen the outside of the house, and like the location, are usually very genuine.

Home Opens

Home Opens are very useful in bringing buyers together at a convenient time for you. In addition to Saturday and Sunday, Wednesday Home Opens should also be considered.

Buyers' Waiting List

At Equity Focus, we hold a substantial list of qualified buyers waiting for homes to come on the market. That is how we are sometimes able to sell homes without the need to advertise.


Your active involvement in helping to decide on a suitable advertising programme is appreciated. Owners know the best and hidden features of their own property, and these often translate into ‘hot buttons’ for qualified buyers.

Internet website

On our website we are able to enter photographs, plans and details of your property at a reasonable cost. A high percentage of potential purchasers seek properties in this way now. In addition to we also advertise on:

By Tender/Expressions of Interest

A Tender Document is submitted by the buyer with a fixed closing date. The seller considers all Tenders after that date and chooses the most appropriate one.

Referral System

With a combination of over 40 years’ sales experience at Equity Focus referrals can be a powerful source of potential buyers.


Maximising the appeal of the property will help to maximise the sale price. Consider low cost general improvements, such as advice on furniture/hiring of plants, garden presentation, general tidy up and repairs.

Major Marketing Options

Exclusive Agency

One agent is selected to sell your Property. The benefits are total dedication to your interests and a high level of control

Multi Listing

Your property details are published through REIWA and a lockbox is provided for other agents to access.

Exclusive Plus

The listing agent retains control. Other agents must work with the Listing Agent. The REALNET internet website is used to promote your property.


Key Advantages:

  • Well organised marketing programme gives tight time schedule and relieves prolonged stress
  • Competitive bidding creates a sense of urgency
  • Best offer from the current cash buyer in the market
  • Contract is on the Owner’s terms
  • The agreed Reserve Price is protected.